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Identity-driven attacks continue to surge, especially with the advent of AI. But how do you go about detecting and defending against them? When an adversary compromises a valid user’s credentials and impersonates them, traditional security measures often struggle to distinguish between legitimate user behavior and a threat actor.

With adversaries like SCATTERED SPIDER employing cutting-edge tactics such as phishing, social engineering, and the strategic purchase of legitimate credentials from access brokers to accelerate their attacks. It’s time to learn the art of defense!

Join the EMEA Falcon Complete MDR team in our Live Attack and Defend Demo where we will take you through an identity-based attack from both attack and defend viewpoints. In the demo we will simulate the initial foothold, credential harvesting as well as lateral movement. We’ll show you how the Falcon Complete workflow (leveraging the Falcon platform and Falcon Identity Threat Protection) can help you defend against modern attacks both from an endpoint and identity perspective - all from a single unified platform.

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