Everywhere Security: Unified security everywhere across the Internet, employees and networks to reduce complexity and accelerate your business

Published by Cloudflare

Most IT architectures are too complicated or outdated to enforce security everywhere it should be. Security teams are forced to stitch together siloed tools manually with limited visibility and imprecise controls across environments, slowing down your business. All this complexity had led to overworked teams, widening vulnerabilities, more damaging attacks and an unsustainable level of resources just to keep up with yesterday’s threats.

Investing in Everywhere Security is a strategic move toward fortifying your business against ever-evolving cyber threats. Regain control, lower costs and reduce risks by converging security onto Cloudflare’s intelligent platform of programmable, cloud-native services.

This solution brief explains Cloudflare’s approach to:
• Enabling unified, holistic protection across the Internet, employees, and networks.
• Global threat intelligence that ensures proactive defense against new and evolving threats throughout the attack lifecycle.
• Implementing solutions such as Zero Trust Network Access without hindering productivity.

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